Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Evangeline, Space Vixen

Evangeline Turntable 03 from Erik Van Horn on Vimeo.

It started out as a doodle. A certain off-balance pose scribbled on a sheet of typing paper that reminded me of campy sci-fi cult flicks. Then it turned into an excuse to mess with rigging, curve brushes and dynamesh in ZBrush 4R4. Here's a visual journey through the project's progression.
The original doodle
Basemesh modeled in Maya
Using ZSpheres to lay out the rig
Rig ready for posing in ZBrush
Posed, rig is discarded and modeling continues. Clothing pieces are extruded from basemesh. Bootheels created with Shadowbox.
Proxy hair and gun added
Fibermesh tools deemed too unruly for long hair grooming. Eventually fibers abandoned for style continuity.
Face refined, pushing asymmetry
Fibermesh employed to generate eyelashes
Skin is painted
Almost done
Light, render, comp