Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Demonstration of pantomime for my animation students. Uses The Goon rig by Sean Burgoon.

Here it is after the initial blocking phase. You'll see I animated on one's or two's for the fast motion parts, and just hit the extremes and storytelling poses for the regular-speed parts.

And here is the same sequence, with stepped tangents switched to Maya2012's new "Auto" tangent type. As you can see, not bad right out of the box. Much more intelligent than splines. Great time saver!

Finally, after several polishing passes, you get the result embedded at the top. This is a playblast using Maya's new Viewport 2.0. Screenspace ambient occlusion in realtime! Great for contact positions. Maya's improvements in the last couple of versions has been kind to animators.

By the way, for my animation classes I use How to Cheat in Maya 2012 - awesome reference for beginning Maya animators - as well as Uncle Richard's Almanack (Animation Survival Kit).

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