Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Y'Down With NPP? (my New Painting Process)

Here's a work in progress, "The Messenger." It explores the same territory as my Strange Loops series, but utilizing an experimental process.

Here I started on paper with a felt tip sketch, added watercolor, then acrylic and then oil (progressively getting more "permanent" with the media) till finally scanning (in this case, with a digital camera) and continuing to explore in Photoshop as a digital painting. Because the digital medium allows for non-destructive experimentation, I am developing several variations on the image, the most successful of which I will attempt to emulate when I return to the traditional medium. I'm currently developing a whole series of paintings with this process. The end result will be a series of digital paintings as well as a series of related (but not identical) traditional-media paintings.

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