Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hazing Part II

As a companion piece to yesterday's post on hazy renders, I whipped this test up today. I realize the volume shader attributes in Mental Ray are very very sensitive, especially at larger scales. To get the above image to show up, I had to tweak the extinction parameter to an accuracy of three decimal points! After I got the haze going, I began to add lights. Here's after adding a key light but before adjusting anything:

It's kind of a cool posterizing effect with the hotspots blowing everything out. How come I can never get this look when I try to do it on purpose?
After setting up more lights I began isolating the "subject" of the composition by use of shaders. In this case, the subject is some twisty copper column:

Not sure why this vision came to me. It's just a jungle monolith of some sort. To me it represents frozen kinetic engergy, as do the shapes swirling around it. Kind of a petrified tornado. The haze adds to this stillness, this calmness that plays against the implied movement in the forms. After some shader tweaks, I produced the following renders.

As a lighting r&d test, I didn't spend much time setting it up, but I would like to return to this some day to heighten the mood with more refined models and textures, as well as glows and incandescence, more localized / patterned mist, etc.

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