Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trade Show Wrap-up

Just got back from SIGGRAPH where this little flick won Best of Show:
This "making of" short is worth a watch:
As you can see, the look of the film is superb, and I'm becoming more and more convinced there's something in the Kool-Aid at Gobelins - year after year the students from this, Supinfocom and the Filmakademie totally rule. European schools have a connection between education, art and industry that we just don't "get" here.

Other highlights from the 'GRAPH included a visionary speech by my boss and my boy Ed Catmull - "Ecat" to us Mouse-ears. His corporate work ethos is so visionary that it made me want to work at his company - and then I remembered that I DO. If only middle management would pay attention, we'd have a little filmmaking utopia here. But I digress.

So festival season draws to a close - I also hit Comic-Con this year for the sheer spectacle of it all. My main purpose was to find European graphic novels - but the vendor wasn't there this year! Must have been muscled out to make way for the encroaching Hollywood studios that have seemingly taken over. Shame, because European comic artists have raised the genre to new artistic heights of late - another way they're schooling us across the pond. Check out the blog of one Mr. Enrique Fernandez for example. Here's a publisher of such wares:
Speaking of Wares, here's a shout-out to my all-time favorite comic book creator, Chris Ware, a fellow yank. If you don't yet own a copy of Quimby the Mouse, walk don't run to your local Biblioplex and grab two copies. One for each head. You Quimby-the-Mousketeers got that last joke.
See? Real comic art innovation isn't dead. It's just not at Comic-Con.

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